Member of Parliament Christopher Emmanuel visit Curacao Development Corporation “Korpodeko”.


Philipsburg / Willemstad, Curacao:— National Alliance (NA) Member of Parliament Hon. Christopher Emmanuel, while on a recent trip to Curacao to attend the Anti-Corruption, Integrity & Procurement Training. Member of Parliament Emmanuel took the opportunity to visit the Curacao Development Corporation “Korpodeko”. Where he met with the Managing Director Mr. Chesron Isidora, who explained how Korpodeko got started, its mission and how it assists, small, medium sized and large businesses with financing.

Member of Parliament Emmanuel, found it interesting that the establishing of Korpodeko in 1985 was an initiative of the government of Curacao to promote sustainable development of a socio-economic, cultural and educational nature. Where local entrepreneurs are provided an alternative to the established commercial banks.

Member of Parliament Hon. Christopher Emmanuel stated that, “I would be championing for the establishing of a development bank here on St. Maarten. I believe government should have a leading role in this process. A development bank will provide the citizens of St. Maarten the opportunity to access financing for business ventures, viewed by regular commercial banks as high risk.”

In addition the Member of Parliament Hon. Christopher Emmanuel remarked that,

“There should be holistic approach when it comes to developing St. Maarten, however with the establishing of a development bank, the basic criteria for receiving financing should be the following. Creating and sustaining employment, substitute import and promote exports and also contribute to the expansion of the economic base of St. Maarten.”

Member of Parliament Emmanuel further noted, “I strongly believe that such a development bank will do well for small businesses start-ups on the island, which are what drives our economy and employs hundreds of people.”

In photo, Member of Parliament Christopher Emmanuel at the Curacao Development Corporation, Willemstad Curacao.