French student of Dominican parent help develop anti-burglary app


Dominica  — A student of the L’Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de L’information (EISTI) in France has helped develop an anti-burglary app which is being highly praised by the French police.

The app, developed by Elie Poussou, whose mother is from Fond St. Jean, and fellow student, Antoine Pupin, has won a competion organized by the police.

The app, VigiCambri64, will be available for free for both Android and Iphone devices on June 12.

It allows individuals to report suspicious activities by instantly sending photos to the police. It also allows people to list their valuables to facilitate declarations in case of theft and to benefit from a news feed and advice supplied by the police.

The app was presented last week and was welcomed by crime fighters.

“It took a lot of work (6 months) and time but in the end, we’re proud of what we have done. It is an application that can serve everyone,” Poussou said.

Poussou’s mother is Connie Poussou nee Fontaine from Fond St Jean.

Connie’s parents are Olga and Savior Fontaine, who are both deceased.

Source Dominica News Online