Minister of Culture Bourne-Gumbs National Flag Day June 13th Message

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – June 13th is National Flag Day. The movement for Sint Maarten to have its own flag started in August 1983. Two years later, the design of the flag that was presented was proclaimed the national flag by the Island Council on June 13th, 1985, and was inaugurated on the same day at an official ceremony in the presence of the official representatives of the people, invited guests and the general public.
“I take this opportunity to wish all Sint Maarteners Happy National Flag Day. Fly your national flags, and reflect upon what our flag means to each one of us. Our flag is an integral national symbol that proclaims our identity as the Sint Maarten nation.
“Let us use this National Flag Day weekend to reflect on our country, and how proud we are to be living in a peaceful land where there is no war. The world is an unstable place. We have a lot to be thankful and grateful.
“Take time out to spend with your family and reflect on the values of national identity and allegiance to country. The flag represents our unity as a people, and reminds us about our forefathers who played a role in building our country.
“We must be thankful for the work and sweat that our forefathers persevered for the betterment of our country and the welfare of its people. This inspires us as a nation to continue to move forward and achieve in all areas.
“On behalf of the Council of Ministers, I would like to wish the people of this great island nation Happy National Flag Day,” Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Affairs Hon. Rita Bourne-Gumbs said on the eve of Flag Day.