Statia disaster committee met earlier this week


ORANJESTAD, St Eustatius — The disaster committee held a press briefing where it brought attention to the ongoing drought the Island has been experiencing for the past few months which has led to a shortage of water on St.Eustatius.

In the meeting of the disaster committee earlier this week, which included local stakeholders Nustar and local weather advisor Goerge Works several critical areas of interest were identified. A presentation was name which explained the current drought and looked at forecast patterns for the coming months.

The presentation included a drought advisory issued by CARICOF (Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum) for the Caribbean region This advisory suggest St.Eustatius is currently under a drought warning.

The Governor also informed the public that research into the water level and quality of the local wells is ongoing in order for government to have a clear overview of water reserves. The public health department will also be issuing advisory tips regarding the purification of cistern water for human consumption. Considering the current shortage in supply, Nustar will assist with the production and delivery of water by truck to the various residences upon request.

Request may be submitted directly to Nustar’s office during regular working hours. Concluding the press conference a Top 10 Tip list for Water Conservation was presented and the Governor appealed to the general public to assist is reducing the effects of the drought by doing their part to conserve water use by applying the tips mentioned and any other steps that may be deemed useful I promoting water conservation.