Where do you Live? MP Emmanuel to Prime Minister

PM Marcel Gumbs
PM Marcel Gumbs

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Member of Parliament Christoph Emmanuel questioned Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs legality as Prime Minister of St. Maarten.

This took place during the hot debate in parliament on Wednesday afternoon dealing with the proposed draft law to establish a integrity chamber. The council of ministers and support staff were on hand to answer questions from the members of parliament.

National Alliance Member of Parliament Christoph Emmanuel stated on the floor “were does my Prime Minister live?”. He repeated this call throughout his presentation and demanded answers from the Prime Minister. 721 news understands that the Prime Minister is a long time resident of the French Side of the island.

The question is, can a member of government holding public office reside out of the country? The meeting is still ongoing and will continue in the late hours of the evening. Stay with 721 news as we continue to bring you highlights of the meeting.

Important to know is that some of the residents of St. Maarten enjoy dual citizenship. The same Member of Parliament can vote on both sides of the island.

The question is, does the Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs have dual citizenship like member of parliament Christoph Emmanuel who ran in 2001 on a French Saint Martin Political Party? Are they both still register in the French Saint Martin census office? This reminds us of the saying “…the pot calling the kettle black…”.