Day 10 results of the annual SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament


BELVEDERE, Sint Maarten — Results of the annual SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament, April 11, 2015 at Johan Cruijff Court in Belvedere

Game 1: Category 11+U

Leonald Connor vs Learning Unlimited Goal Machines: result 3 – 9 (at halftime 0 – 4)

Goal scorers L.U. Goal Machines: Oliver Hobgood with 5 goals and 1 assist, Jan Lucas van der Plas with 2 goals. Noah Ledee scored 1 goal and made 3 assists. Devin Liao helped the effort with 2 assists.

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Tyrese Whyte with 2 goals, Philando Parchment with 1 goal.


Game 2: Category 11+U

Sr. Regina Goal Getters vs Hillside Christian: result 14 – 3 (at halftime 9 – 1)

Top scorers Sr. Regina Goal Getters: Reshawn Eustase with 7 goals and 2 assists, William Mulder with 3 goals and 1 assist.

Goal scorers Hillside Christian: Ty Farguhrson, Desreena Boston and Rovais Panka each scored one goal.


Game 3: Category 11+U

Learning Unlimited Legends vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 0 – 2 (forfeit)

A friendly game was played instead.


Game 4: Category Girls 13+U

Leonald Connor vs Sr. Magda: result 6 – 2 (at halftime 3 – 1)

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Karoline Quispe de los Santos with 4 goals. Stephanie Medina-Bran and Dorothy James each scored one goal.

Goal scorer Sr. Magda: Rawlisha Busby with 2 goals with an assist by Ashley Lake.


Game 5: Category Girls 13+U

Dr. Martin Luther King vs Hillside Christian Angels: result 5 – 0 (at halftime 4 – 0)

Goal scorers Dr. Martin Luther King: Kaleisha Davis with 4 goals and Shaney Joachim with 1 goal.


Game 6: Category 13+U

Leonald Connor vs Genevieve de Weever: result 10 – 2 (at halftime 7 – 0)

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Durvane Solomon, Gamy Charles and Isael Medina-Bran each scored 3 goals. Hemproy Williams scored one goal.

Goal scorer Genevieve de Weever: Jean Louis Mendoza with 2 goals. He was assisted by Steven Prince and Kyron Mussen.


Game 7: Category 13+U

Ruby Labega vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 8 – 5 (at halftime 3 – 1)

Goal scorers Ruby Labega: Ricardo Somers with 5 goals, Jariel Gabriel with 2 goals and Jamal Taylor with 1 goal.

Goal scorer Dr. Martin Luther King: D’Angelo Thompson with 5 goals. He was assisted by Kuzari Simmons and Khalishah Davis.


Game 8: Category 13+U

SXM Schools United vs Sr. Magda United Stars:  result 10 – 2 (at halftime 1 – 2)

Goal scorers SXM Schools United: Jean Jaques Craane with 5 goals and 3 assists, Amadeus Aventurin and Michelle Palella both with 2 goals. Gilmar Blackman scored one goal.

Goal scorer Sr. Magda United Stars: Paul Speetjens with 2 goals.


Game 9: Category 13+U

Oranje Combine vs Charles Leopold Bell: result 0 – 16 (at halftime 0 – 8)

Top scorers Charles Leopold Bell: Paul Attyl with 8 goals and 6 assists and Abijah Adamson with 6 goals and 6 assists.


Game 10: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Hotshots vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 2 – 0 (forfeit)

A friendly game was played.


Game 11: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Strikers vs Sr. Magda Greenboys: result 0 – 2 (forefeit)

A friendly game was played.


The last games in the competition will be played on Saturday, May 9, 2015. These games will determine the finalists of SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament 2015. On May 23 the Champions League competition is played, as well as the finals in the 7+Under and 9+Under categories.

On May 30 all the other finals will be played followed by the award ceremony.