Ladies Basketball Championship Top 14 Players Play Exhibition Game This Sunday

Suckergarden, Sint Maarten – The Walichi Basketball Association will officially close off the Ladies Basketball Championship 2014-2015 season with an exhibition game between the “LBC All First Team”  and” LBC All Second Team” which will showcase the top 14 players in the league.

The All-LBC Team is composed of two five-woman lineups—a first and second team, comprising a total of 10 roster spots. For the exhibition game 2 players were added from the top 14 to make a rotation of players to play the game.

The “All-LBC First Team” Consists of :

Guard: Claudia Fleming , Cash 4 Gold Lava Girls
Guard: Chantel Hodge, Thunderz
Ladies Basketball Championship-001Forward: Jamaiah Newton -Herbert , MGM Lightning
Forward: Jakisha Brooks , Learning Unlimited
Center: Tiana Lionel , Thunderz
6th Woman: Daricia Arrindell, Learning Unlimited
7th Woman: Micaela Galva , MGM Lightning

The “All-LBC Second Team” Consists of:

Guard: Wendy Jack, Cash 4 Gold Lava Girls
Guard: Selah Fleming, Cash 4 Gold Lava Girls
Forward: Joyette Lloyd, Thunderz
Forward: Kayla Robinson , MGM Lightning
Center: Cardillia Nicholas , Bush Tea Remedy
6th Woman: Diasha Ferdinand , Cash 4 Gold Lava Girls
7th Woman: Shandria Lake , MGM Lightning

This game will take place on Sunday March 22nd at 3pm at the Melford Hazel Sports Complex in Sucker Garden.

Following the game there will a small award ceremony to award the Season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) , Best Defensive Player, Most Improved Player, top 20 players in the league for the season amongst other awards.

We would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy a fun and competitive game.