Donated Children’s Books and Story Time Enhance Sint Maarten Library Collection

In photo from left to right:  Author Heddrick McBride, Author Mary Romney – Schaab, Librarian Mariland Powell and Shirley Richardson and Author Skylar McBride. 


The Sint Maarten Library recently received a contribution of six culturally appropriate children’s books by acclaimed author Heddrick McBride and his daughter, Skylar McBride. The donated books, recognized for their enriching content and diverse characters, aim to enhance the reading experience for young readers at the primary and secondary school levels, as well as for their families within our community.

Heddrick McBride, a celebrated children’s book author recognized by the NAACP and the New York State Senate for his outstanding literature and community work, visited the Sint Maarten Library with Skylar McBride personally donating the following titles to our collection:

  • I Know My Rights: Bill of Rights ;
  • Parkville High Class of 2021;
  • St. Maarten Strong ;
  • Respecting My Boundaries ;
  • Raising Kings: 10 Principles of Manhood.

These books are part of McBride’s collection of culturally responsive literature, which provides diverse characters and storylines, aiming to offer relatable and meaningful content to our youth and their parents.

In addition to their donation, both authors conducted a special story time session by reading from their donated works at the Sint Maarten Library, which will delight viewers and listeners. 

The library is excited to invite the public to join us for the authors’ reading event, “It’s Time for a Story,” on Saturday, June 15, and Saturday, June 29, 2024.

“We are deeply grateful for this thoughtful gift,” said librarians Mariland Powell and Shirley Richardson. “These literary works will significantly enrich our collection and provide valuable resources for our community.”

The newly donated books are now available to the public at the Sint Maarten Library. We encourage everyone to explore these enriching stories and join us for the upcoming reading events.

The Sint Maarten Library is dedicated to fostering a love for reading and learning within the community. Through a wide array of programs and a diverse collection of books, the library serves as a cornerstone for education and cultural enrichment on the island.