Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina Reaffirms Commitment to Workers’ Covenant

Philipsburg – The Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina dispatched a crucial letter on Tuesday to the board and members of the WICSU-PSU and WITU. This letter serves to reaffirm the Government’s unwavering commitment to the covenant signed on April 29, 2024, reassuring that the sanctity of the agreement would be upheld with all due diligence required.
In this letter, Prime Minister Mercelina underscored the Government’s steadfast belief in the vital role that the workers of St. Maarten play in the nation’s development. “The workers of St. Maarten are the backbone of our country,” stated Prime Minister Mercelina. “It is for this reason that our Government took the proactive step to meet with all unions on May 22, 2024, ensuring that the voices of our hardworking citizens are heard, respected, and honored.”
The communication was also sent to Ms. Valya Pantophlet, Chairlady of the CCSU, and all respective unions under the CCSU umbrella. This move reinforces the Government’s dedication to fostering transparent and effective dialogue with all stakeholders.
Prime Minister Mercelina further commented, “Our commitment to the covenant is not just about honoring a document; it is about fostering the trust and dedication of our workers who tirelessly contribute to the growth and prosperity of St. Maarten. We remain resolute in our efforts to support and uplift our workforce, ensuring fairness and equity across all sectors.”