The General Audit Chamber launches WhatsApp channel



Philipsburg The General Audit Chamber has recently launched its WhatsApp channel to the public. The purpose of the channel is to make it easier to be informed on how tax money is managed by government.

Through WhatsApp, the Audit Chamber intends to share findings from its audits into various aspects of government expenditures, such as the fairness of the tax assessment process, public sector travel, the effectiveness of healthcare expenses, pension, and the allocation of road tax.

This initiative empowers the public with information about decisions taken in their interest. Many findings can get stuck in lengthy reports; therefore bringing it to the fingertips of followers adds depth in the civil discourse. Considering the multitude of reports from the Audit Chamber, the public can now easily access information about the workings of the government system and how tax money ought to be used. 

Quick and personable updates in the channel will be helpful in fact-checking ongoing public concerns and current events. The Audit Chamber foresees a smoother journey towards public accountability with the added awareness. As an independent institution, the Audit Chambers’ primary task is to examine the use of taxpayers’ money. Persons can join the General Audit Chamber’s WhatsApp channel via its posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Audit Chamber’s WhatsApp Channel. 
Here is the link for the Channel invite: