Largest Cruise Ship in the World Icon of the Seas to make Inaugural Call on 13 February



PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Group (PSG) is eagerly awaiting the inaugural call of Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) largest cruise ship in the world Icon of the Seas on Tuesday, February 13. RCI executives are also planning to be on the island for the arrival of this iconic vessel. 

The Icon of the Seas has been described as the first-of-its-kind combination of every vacation that features an all-encompassing lineup of firsts and next-level favorites for every kind of family and vacationer. The iconic vessel can carry 5,610 guests at double occupancy and 2,350 crew.

“Port St. Maarten congratulates Royal Caribbean International on its newest ship the Icon of the Seas. This is indeed an iconic development for the cruise industry and for the destination. We have an unbreakable partnership and bond with RCI.

“We will continue to work with RCI in increasing and improving experiences for guests as a cruise destination when we look at the water park project to be constructed next to Port St. Maarten. The RCI brand is also highly valued by the business community.

“We are looking forward to receiving several calls during the season of Icon of the Seas.  I would like to also congratulate RCI on its second Icon series ship ‘Star of the Seas’ currently under construction in Finland that is expected to be delivered in August 2025 for Caribbean sailings out of Port Canaveral,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PSG Alexander Gumbs said on Tuesday.

Icon of the Seas is 250,800 gross tons and is 1,198 feet long. The vessel made its official debut on January 27 out of Miami. It offers seven-night vacations to the Caribbean.

The Icon vessel is bigger than the Oasis class vessels. 

In store on Icon is an all-encompassing lineup of experiences that combines the best of every vacation – from the beach retreat to the resort escape and the theme park adventure – making the first-of-its-kind adventure the way to get away for every type of family and vacationer. 

Across eight neighborhoods that are destinations in and of themselves are firsts and next-level favorites for everyone day and night, including adrenaline-pumping thrills like six record-breaking waterslides at Category 6 and the Crown’s Edge experience at 154 feet above the ocean, and unrivaled ways to chill with seven pools – one for every day of the week – like the first suspended infinity pool at sea. 

The game-changing experiences also include a stay-all-day neighborhood designed for families with young kids, more than 40 restaurants, bars, and lounges; deck-defying entertainment across air, ice, water, and theater; and more.