Jandroep: SMMC catered “Beer” to ICU Covid patient



By Mr. Terence Jandroep

This article refers to an unimaginable and unacceptable incident at the SMMC on November 14, of the year 2020, during the Covid 19 period, which was not brought forward earlier by the patient as he was in a long term recovery journey. The article is supported with released evidence.

Certified Risk Analyst, Mr. Terence Jandroep, a travelling consultant, was admitted to the SMMC on October 11, 2020, and was subjected to the Covid-19 treatment for a period of 40 days in the ICU and 11 days in the General Hospital. His medical treatment entailed an intubation (which represents an induced coma) for a time lapse of 11 days. The post intubation conditions were characterized by extreme disorientation, significant memory loss, substantial muscle tissue degrading, paralysis, and disturbing weight loss of approx. 27 kilos in 51 days. The complete physical and medical recovery took approximately 3 years according to the Auditor’s statement.

Undeniable facts of Covid-19 treatment
After the mentioned recovery period, the Auditor investigated on rather his treatment was appropriately conducted and observed that he was treated with Fentanyl 250 mg, a sedative 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 x the potency of morphine in accordance with his clinical report. In addition to Fentanyl, Propofol was also administered to the Auditor, a substance that triggers hypnosis and memory loss in the nerve system, while in custody at the ICU of the Sint Maarten Medical Center. In the clinical report it is not stated the timeframe of the drug administered to the patient, which is a reporting shortcoming.

The Auditor confirms that during his stay in the ICU, the department was supervised by a group of specialists flown in from the USA (Nevada & Miami).  After his 11 days coma resurrection he was allowed sunlight exposure on November 14, 2020, for obvious reasons and close acquaintances were permitted a short visitation. The witnesses observed signs of extreme disorientation and obvious short/long term memory loss while having a conversation.

Disclosures of the investigation
Pictures were taken and exchanged between the present individuals, during the visitation and shared.
In the Auditor’s performed deep scan he discovered a disturbing incident on the date, of sunlight exposure opportunity;

Unexplainably and certainly an event that raises a huge concern is that  while  under the supervision and custody of the Doctors and Nurses at the ICU, “Beer’ was served to the Auditor while disoriented. The present acquaintances were shocked by this incident but remained silent however took pictures and handed these over to the Auditor, who subsequently conducted a research on alcohol mixtures with the administered Fentanyl/ Propofol medicines, sedatives that could remain in your system for approx. 3 months in hair samples. The result of the investigation by the Auditor establishes that a mixture of alcohol and Fentanyl is considered a mortal cocktail, considering the consumption of alcohol was just after recent awakening from a coma with possible high risk of unforeseen brain damage, substantiated with several medical articles on the topic.

An email was forwarded to the SMMC to request clarification on this matter on January 27, 2024, and the hospital replied on February 8, 2024, that the healthcare providing organization will not address the complaint due to “their” time limit policies. It is the Auditor’s opinion, who is an Internal Procedures Expert, that the mentioned policies are not disclosed or signed for by the patient or family when entering or leaving the Medical Center, which is a compliance requirement. The contents of the reply by the Complaint Officer of the SMMC becomes therefore invalid, attributed to the lack of legal and evidentiary sustainability of the reasons given by the organization. The Auditor concludes that the reply by the SMMC is legally empty.  The portal and website are bareygeneral indicators, therefore the legal sustainability of the contents of the regulations cannot be attested by the SMMC on this matter unless the document is signed by the patient and or family members.

Auditor’s remedial action
This explanation was made very clear by the Auditor to the SMMC and forwarded another email on the 9th of February 2024, with emphasis on damage control remedial actions, awaiting reply by March 4, 2024.
The Healthcare Organization responded to this second email on February 20, 2024,  emphasizing again that no attention will be given to the matter, based upon Article 30 of the SMMC updated Complaints Regulations of 2023, while the case materialized in 2020. The article indicates no time frame specifically but dictates that the timeframe is at the discretion of the Complaint Officer, resulting in a suggestive understanding on the one sidedness within the grey zone of the regulation.  The following details of the disturbing incident are released to the Sint Maarten community by the Auditor to trigger a sequence of necessary events related to this outrageous incident.

The following questions were forwarded to the SMMC by the Auditor on January 27, 2024 in the initial email:
1) Under whose order, supervision, approval, acceptance and custody was it possible that a beer bottle was handed to me on the SMMC/ICU premises, considering that my body was subjected to all kinds of medications including Fentanyl? What exactly was the objective of such irresponsible action?

2) How was it possible that the SMMC and ICU violated Local, Regional, Kingdom and International code of conduct and ethics in the medical arena, establishing the highest level of irresponsibility, misconduct and disregard of the medical condition of a patient who is suffering of PTSD as mentioned in the clinical report and obviously completely disorientated?

3) What is the extent of the impact of this violation considering the Local, Regional, Kingdom and International Medical code of conduct and ethics, short term and long term.

4) What are the perimeters of the corrective actions related to the obvious materialization of an extreme exceptional incident and how does these corrective action(s) affect the patient, in this case “Me”, short term and long term?

The Auditor was not able to determine if this event was an isolated case or if the possibility exists that the high body count during the Covid-19 period was attributed to “possible” administered substance cocktails, however concludes that the event could be classified as an unmitigated Medical Misconduct, Criminal Negligence or even an attempted murder “risk” situation by the Healthcare Entity.

Fact is that the conduct  and the applied science of supervision by the responsible Doctors, Nurses in charge at the ICU, Management of the SMMC, Security Management, Board of Directors, Policy Advisors of the Ministry of Healthcare, former Minister of Healthcare, former Prime Minister, in accordance to the chain of command,  and the SMMC’s Operation Procedures during the mentioned period were consistently deficient beyond any measurability, hence there is no doubt a case will be filed at the Court of First Instance and the Prosecution Office for further investigation on the matter in case the SMMC remains with a reluctant behavior to address the matter diligently, unless serving “Beer” to Covid-19 patients was part of the treatment in Sint Maarten.

The Auditor released 5 of 15 high resolution pictures to the Media to substantiate his claim with evidentiary support of this unimaginable incident on Sint Maarten soil where patients are at the mercy of Doctors and are used for “possible” substance experiments on humans similar to the Nazi regime. Another area that was not clear if the death stats in accordance to the patient’s ethnicity during the Covid period had a trend or disproportional ratio.

Ref: #1 Patient in Coma. Pic, PIC Source ICU Staff

Ref :#2 Patient awakening from Coma,  PIC Source ICU Staff

Ref: # 4 Patient connected to oxygen tank under surveillance of the nurses ICU, with Beer in hand, Source Witnesses Nov. 14, 2020

Ref # 5+6 Patient drinking MILLER LITE beer in the SMMC patient gear, with tubes running to oxygen tank and other vital connectors.  Source Witnesses Nov. 14, 2020