BREAKING NEWS: RST detectives and the Prosecutor office busy with a raid at a office in Porto Cupecoy



Porto Cupecoy — Reliable information reaching 721news is saying that this operation is conducted by the RST and led by the Central Team of the OM. Different sources told our Newsroom it’s a money laundering investigation related to a prepaid debit card company.

This prepaid debit card company is sharing the same office of Starz Casino and other companies are not a suspect at this point.

721news understood that about 2 to 3 weeks ago there was a house search at a prominent location up a hill that also have to do with this prepaid debit card company.

In this phase, the investigation is only aimed at gathering as much evidence as possible.

In the meantime all bosses in the office are being questioned, all workers had to leave the premises and detectives order that all electronic devices need to be handed over including phone laptops and PC needs to remain switch on.