NV GEBE and Vidanova Pension Funds Announce Joint Venture for Sustainable Development in Sint Maarten



NV GEBE and Vidanova Pension Funds have announced a significant partnership to tackle the lack of reasonably priced housing for participants of the Fund. The partnership seeks to create a transformative impact on the community, using NV GEBE’s ownership of The Quarry, Hope Estate, an 80,913 square meter property. The initiative is a testament to the parties’ dedication to building a strong and successful community that benefits its employees and the overall growth of St. Maarten.

The Vidanova Pension Fund serves multiple companies in Sint Maarten, including NV GEBE. They stand ready to provide the necessary financial resources for this visionary project. As one of the founding institutions of Vidanova Pension Fund, NV GEBE is excited to forge ahead with Vidanova in expanding investments that will not only benefit its workforce but also contribute significantly to the broader development of St. Maarten.

“Today, we embark on a journey that goes beyond bricks and mortar. We intend to create wealth for our employees, not just in monetary terms, but in the form of a thriving community they can call home,” stated Troy Washington, Special Representative/Temporary Manager at NV GEBE. This initiative is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our team and the communities we serve.”

Recognizing the growing housing needs of Vidanova’s participants in Sint Maarten, Vidanova is eager to align its investment policy with community development goals. The Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure has endorsed this visionary project, highlighting its potential to address the dire need for affordable housing in Sint Maarten in a letter addressed to NV GEBE.

”This project is in line with my vision for empowering the people of Sint Maarten  by encouraging home ownership. As a leader in this community I will stand with those who endeavor to facilitate and find creative ways to make this possible. A strong community is built on the foundation of reasonably priced housing. I am committed to working with NV GEBE and Vidanova Pension Fund to create a thriving community that benefits the overall growth of St.

Maarten” said Minister Egbert J. Doran.”

Both parties are now set to explore possibilities through negotiations in good faith, seeking common ground and consensus to realize the objectives outlined. The end goal is to forge a Joint Venture Agreement that will propel this collaborative effort into tangible, transformative results.