DP: “We mourn with you and wish you strength to  restore trust and tranquility in Anguilla.”



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In a press release over the weekend, the Democratic Party of St. Maarten reacted to the horrific killings that shocked the community of Anguilla mid-week. The DP leader, herself of Anguillan descent was clearly distressed at the news.

“It is with profound sadness we learned of the senseless killings that occurred in Anguilla last week. The shock of this heartless act at an emotion-filled  time of burial of a loved one reverberated throughout our communities. Our sister island was plunged into mourning and so was the community of St. Martin”, the DP leader commented.

“The Democratic Party extends to the government and people of Anguilla our most profound sympathy and wishes the government  much strength as they grapple with the scourges of crime that threaten our families, our communities and our sense of security as small island-nations.”

The family and social ties between these islands run deep and when one hurts, we all hurt. Moreover, the way that this heinous act was inflicted, was callous and brazen with total disregard for human life and suffering.

“Words to families and friends of the deceased fall short, as they seek to come to terms with the loss and immense pain”, MP Wescot added.

“We wish all those injured at the place of  the senseless shooting on December 20th , speedy recovery and healing, physically and emotionally. To the family and friends left behind, we pray you find solace in knowing that this heinous act can not go unpunished.”

“Know that we mourn with you at this time and we  wish the entire community of Anguilla strength and  an unwavering resolve to restore trust and tranquility in Anguilla . We extend words of hope and encouragement to Anguillans all over the world, as we continue to support each other in the suppression of crime that threatens the very fabric of our islands”, the DP leader concluded.