US-Party – Unprecedented means of communication by Chris is deceitful



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The board of the US-Party in an invited comment expressed disappointment in an article released by the leader of the start-up political party NOW, but was not surprised.

President of the US Party board, Mr. Cecil Nicholas said, “He was not surprised by the misleading content, and underlying tone of hypocrisy and deceitfulness that motivated the article.”

The leader of the NOW party publicly reminded that, “He has always stood by the USP and was supportive of the party joining any governing coalition he was a part of.”

Chris further stated, “When he was a member of the National Alliance, he did not sign the governing accord between the National Alliance and United People Party strictly out of principle and a sense of loyalty to the USP.”

Nicholas, questioned Chris’ definition of the words, principle and loyalty. He was also suspicious of the means of communication since a phone call and meeting would have been the more appropriate means of communication if the proposition was above board. The US board accused Chris of twisting the facts to serve a sinister purposes.

“Fact is that In 2019, NA selected Minister Doran as minister of VROMI over Chris and they were also slow to show support when Chris was incarcerated. It is that sour taste in his mouth that caused him to use the US party as an excuse to disguise his move to steal NA seat by jumping ship; not loyalty or principle period,” said Nicholas.

After the 2019 election, MP Emanuel in an unprecedented move refused to sign the NA/UP coalition agreement and did not declare himself independent until sometime after. “I simply refused to sign that governing accord, because I wanted to bring the USP on board as a governing partner. I knew the Alliance-UP coalition could not work and I was right,” the MP stated.

Nicholas refuted that comment stating, “The NOW leader never genuinely fought for the US Party as he has been so adamantly proclaiming for years. He was fighting for himself and his pay check, and still is, while disguising it as honorable. He needs to come clean tell the public the truth. While condemning NA/UP out of one side of his mouth, he was in Guana Bay talking out of the other side of his mouth the night NA signed the coalition agreement with UP. And while he’s working on that story, he should also explain why he never championed any of the three laws that USP submitted to parliament. Or is his love for USP, its members and supporters a matter of convenience and based on whether or not it can be used to his benefit. Chris’ one sided view of his relationship with the US Party is the definition of hostile hypocrisy.” said Nicholas.

When asked to clarify his statement, Nicholas revealed that prior to his current leader Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty being offered the leadership position of the US Party, MP Emanuel was offered the opportunity to lead the US Party long before his creation of the NOW party. “His response was that he could not work with Buncamper and his team did not approve of Mr. Buncamper. The same Buncamper that is now his deputy leader. I guess that’s Chris’ definition of principles,” continued Nicholas.

MP Emanuel pro-US Party positions are highlighted throughout his entire article, but upon further investigation we could not find any evidence of MP Emanuel’s support of the US party’s 3 proposed law amendments on record. His invitation to “Come over NOW” also does not seem to align with his self-proclaimed unwavering support of the US Party given the fact that he turned down the opportunity to lead the party. “Our members and supporters are not as gullible as Chris may think, if they were he would not have to publicly invite them to help NOW, and if his offer was genuine he would have pick up the phone and confirmed a collaboration before making public statements. The NOW leaders lack of political maturity has lead him to believe that as long as he has a cover story, his undermining attempt would be missed. Unfortunately for him history always reveals itself and in today’s political climate diplomacy trumps rhetoric. The good MPs level of immaturity is not what the country needs right now,” lamented Nicholas.

The US Party president spoke of his current leader Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty in high regard and praised the work she has done to raise the bar in support of the citizens of country St. Maarten in her short tenure as leader of the U.S. Party.

“The US Party board, members and supporters stand resolutely behind our party, and will not allow any desperate group or in this case start-up political party to detract us. In our ten year history we are on record being productive in ministries; as well as parliament. What laws has the good MP Emanuel proposed on the floor of parliament on behalf of the people of this country during his tenure as a career politician,” questioned Nicholas.

“Chris’ attempt at extending an Olive branch through a means of public communication is unheard of for a reason, the method doesn’t exist in politics. Point blank it was an attempt at undermining our support base disguised as an olive branch. It is deceitfulness camouflaged as leadership. The turtle has reached the shore, but on behalf of the US Party and its supporters; thanks but no thanks. The people deserve better,” concluded Nicholas.