What is the truthful intention behind bail out of St. Maarten from Ennia?

Pamela Gordon-Carty, Leader of the United St. Maarten Party (USP)


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — What are the truthful intentions of Holland wanting to bail us out of this Ennia saga instead of holding those that are responsible, responsible?

What does Holland want in exchange? I’m wondering what is the value of such “generosity?” Claiming Mullet Bay for themselves? They already have the airport, the harbor, are heading towards the hospital, and now our national heritage Mullet Bay is at stake.

I’m wondering what this government is really doing. Selling out everything that St. Maarten has to outsiders making our position in our own country weaker and weaker. Are they not following the world news with what is going on in Nigeria? Where the people are standing up after decades of being abused? Right in our face.

We keep hearing about we owe Holland money. We can also say that Holland has been giving other countries free monies from out of the trust coffers that have been accumulated on the backs of our ancestors. We have our fair share to get from these coffers that up to now we haven’t gotten back.

When are true discussions going to take place about how much money Holland owes to us, so we can have a more balanced negotiation discussion? The truth is far from what is being portrayed here, and yet again the media has a big role to play in all this by only feeding people one-sided stories.

Holland, what is the game plan truly? Because history has shown that you never do anything for free or out of goodness for this country, but out of greed. What is it that you want? Some of us can see straight through your proposal, and others may be naïve not to see what is right in front of them. The names that are mentioned are the ones you wish to have this bail out hanging over their head, and make sure their government goes into power so that you can always have this bail out as yet another trump card to flash it whenever you want ownership of whatever is left for our own.

If you want something in return and hold the people in this country hostage, we don’t want any bailout. We want to sit and talk about the monies you, Holland, never gave St. Maarten to start off with in 10-10-10; We want to talk about our portion of the trust fund that is rightfully ours, because you earned your wealth off the back of our ancestors, when applying your maritime law, using people as goods, which up to today, is your modus operandi. You treat your partners as goodies.

St. Maarten has to wake up to this nonsense! Stop wanting bailout all the time. Things seem like they will never change because people never learn! There is nothing new under the sun, but some pretend to be blind. Just new players, yet the same game.

When are you going to learn from your mistake St. Maarten? What are you afraid of? Perceived poverty is not poverty when you manage what you have properly.