Sint Maarten Police Force Collaborates with Caribbean Eagles and Riders on Two Motorcycle to Promote Child Safety with Helmet Donation Campaign



In a united effort to enhance road safety and awareness, the Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) has joined forces with the “Caribbean Eagles” and “Riders on Two” Motorcycle clubs to donate motorcycle helmets to children whose parents transport them on motorcycles without proper safety gear. This collaborative initiative aims to educate the community about the critical importance of wearing helmets while riding on the road, emphasizing the potential consequences of neglecting this vital safety measure.

On Monday and Tuesday, September 25th and 26th, 2023, KPSM launched its inaugural helmet donation campaign. The first two helmets were presented to a 10-year-old female student from St. Maarten Seventh Day Adventist School (Zenaida Jean-Charles Cassares). And a 6-year-old (David Langrey) student from the Methodist Agogic Centre

This partnership between the Sint Maarten Police Force and these dedicated motorcycle clubs is driven by the shared commitment to child safety and the recognition of the responsibility we all bear for the well-being of our young citizens. Riding on a motorcycle without a helmet can expose children to severe risks, including head injuries, and it is essential that we raise awareness of this issue.

KPSM and its fellow motorcycle clubs are determined to make parents and guardians more conscious of the potential dangers associated with transporting children without proper protective gear. By donating helmets to those in need, we hope to set an example and inspire others to prioritize their children’s safety on the road.

KPSM is grateful for the collaboration with the Caribbean Eagles and Riders on Two Motorcycle Groups and look forward to further endeavors aimed at enhancing road safety.”

The Sint Maarten Police Force, Caribbean Eagles, and Riders on Two encourage all parents and guardians to prioritize the safety of their children while riding on motorcycles. Together, we can create a safer road environment for everyone in our community.