NV GEBE’s Water Tested Safe & Bacteria-Free



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — At NV GEBE, we take pride in maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers. Our rigorous assessment procedures ensure that the water distributed to consumers is always of prime quality. To achieve this, our Water Quality Control Department conducts daily sampling and testing of the water, seven days a week. Through these measures, we can consistently meet and maintain excellent water quality for our customers.

Over the weekend, due to the surging heat wave, NV GEBE carried out detailed testing and assessments to collect samples from NV GEBE’s primary water storage facilities. As customary and in accordance with daily procedures, tests were conducted and the results were within the parameters of St. Maarten’s Drinking Water Ordinance.

NV GEBE consistently upholds the highest standards in delivering safe electricity and water services to the residents of St. Maarten. Some areas may experience relatively higher chlorine levels in the water.

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