Democratic Party revealed the “Big Red Reveal” Team



The Democratic Party over the weekend revealed what was behind its “Big Red Reveal” announcement. Social media was abuzz the past week with the reveal or roll-out, announced by the Democratic Party.

“It is an interactive way of presenting our 2024 candidates to the people of Sint Maarten, with the emphasis on country, party and candidate, in that order”, stated DP Leader, MP Wescot-Williams. Our list comprises of a healthy mix of persons, representative of the constituents we serve.

As a party that values the party system for its electoral platform, MP Wescot explained that the announcements of who will be contesting the 2024 parliamentary election on the DP slate present a different approach. “We see  many aspiring and returning politicians practically singlehandedly announcing their candidacy with somewhere in the background the party and its principles and views. That’s not our approach.”

While our politics have very much turned in the direction of personal politics, it’s the party that should offer the electorate some confidence that no surprises or extreme views will be sprung on them or as we have seen in the past 4 years,  “simply going along to get along” and accepting everything just to keep a government in tac.

“I have no doubt that a big majority of our politicians and aspiring politicians want to do good by the people of St. Maarten, but  in a party system, it is the party  organization that must stand for something and must  have clear views on where it would like to take this country”, the veteran politician added. When on November 22nd upcoming, political lists are presented, candidates firmly acknowledge the party on whose list they appear and with whom they appear on the respective lists”.

“It is for this reason that our draft  political program was also part of the discussions over the weekend.

“MP Heyliger-Marten and I will decide what our parliamentary focus areas will be during the remaining months of this parliament, but our sights are set on presenting  to the electorate that is thirsting for a change from the current administration, clearly where we go from here and who  we trust to take us there”.

In the meantime, we put the spotlight on those strong and committed individuals who have decided to not only criticize what they feel is wrong in St. Maarten, but to throw the proverbial hat in the ring. 

“More “reveals” are to follow in the coming weeks and we also have what we call mystery candidates, who will not be made known until nomination day itself”.

Get to know these candidates and those to be revealed in the coming weeks in the different sessions to be organized  by the DP, as well as offer your input for the draft political platform 2024-2028 of the DP.