Benefit underprivileged children and families in  Sint Maarten for the start of the 2023 school year



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The start of the  school year in Sint Maarten this week, is marked by  a heartwarming initiative that promises to make a  lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged  children and families. Over the past weekend, an Donation Stats – 99 backpacks – 576 erasers – 1,152 pencils – 108 sharpeners – 1,152 pens – 96 pencil boxes

extraordinary collaboration between the Wever Works Initiative Foundation, Light of Hope  International, Victory Cargo Miami, and CADWELL has delivered 99 backpacks and essential school  supplies to children in need across the island. 

Sint Maarten, often celebrated for its luxurious tourism, harbors a hidden reality where approximately  17% of families struggle to meet their daily needs, living below the poverty line. In a concerted effort to  address this disparity and provide the tools for academic success, the donation was timed to ensure that  children start the school year with the resources they require. 

The recipients of this generous back-to-school initiative include various local organizations that serve  the community diligently: the Jason A. Peterson Movement, 721 Kids Foundation, Ms. Sally Foster  Home, Universal Church, New Testament Church of God, and Immanuel Kerk (church). These  organizations play a vital role in supporting the holistic development of underprivileged children and  families. 

Founder and Spokesperson of the Wever Works Initiative Foundation, Christopher Wever, a devoted  advocate for positive change, led the effort. “Serving the community is of utmost importance to me. I  want to ensure that the children who truly need assistance receive it,” said Chris Wever. This marks  Chris Wever’s third year spearheading the back-to-school supply drive, and this year’s donation of 99 backpacks represents a significant increase from the 20 backpacks donated last year. This growth is  made possible by the generous contribution of Light of Hope International, the non-profit division of  CADWELL. 


The distribution of the backpacks and supplies was made possible by the dedicated efforts of Wever  Works Initiative Foundation Board members Stefania Gumbs and Mr. Louis, alongside Lee Peterson, the  Regional Sales Manager for Victory Cargo Miami, the shipping and consolidation division of CADWELL, and Stanley STM facilitated the transportation of the supplies from Miami to Sint Maarten. 

Andrew Cadwell, the Founder of CADWELL and Light of Hope International, expressed his deep  commitment to supporting underprivileged children. “I grew up in poverty, but through God’s grace,  hard work, and opportunities provided by caring businessmen and pastors, I was able to start and grow  a successful business. It is essential to me to give back and empower underprivileged children to fulfill  their God-given potential. Education plays a crucial role in this journey,” said Andrew Cadwell. Light of  Hope International’s recent donations to children in Haitian orphanages/schools, La Guajira desert  communities in Colombia, and other children’s organizations across the Caribbean underline their  ongoing dedication to creating a brighter future for children in need. 

This collaborative effort, culminating in the timely delivery of backpacks and school supplies, reflects the  spirit of unity and compassion that is essential to drive positive change in Sint Maarten’s community. As  these children embark on a new school year, they do so with the tools they need and the knowledge  that a caring community stands firmly behind them.