New US Party Leadership: Educating Its New Candidates 

Leader of the US party Mrs. Pamela Gordon


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Leader of the US Party, Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty, recently declared that she was content to see that a valiant attempt is being made by the other political parties to educate their incoming potential candidates.  On the other hand, she remains skeptical as it appears to be a “copycat phenomenon” that seems to have been initiated as of late.  The USP has been providing informative sessions to the citizens of St. Maarten under its new leadership team since November of 2021.  In December 2021, Mrs. Gordon Carty, in her capacity as President of the Simply Masters Foundation, held an edifying presentation entitled “Our Children Are Worthy To Be Loved”.  Mrs. Gordon Carty would also like to remind the general public that on July 5th, 2022, the US Party candidates participated in a very rewarding Integrity Chamber course at their political headquarters.

In March of 2022, the US Party hosted a regional group discussion with His Excellency Ambassador David Commisiong of Barbados, Mr. James Finies of the Nos Ke Boneiru Bek Foundation, Honorable Councilman Mr. Clyde Van Putten of Statia, and international lawyer Drs. Rutsel Martha of Curacao.  The focus of the panel discussion concerned the progression of small island states and the bottlenecks that developing island states face when embarking on the growth of their own self-reliance.

Continuing to do her due diligence in March of 2022, Mrs. Gordon Carty developed and presented proposed amendments to strengthen child sex abuse laws to Parliament.  She intimated that “the proposed amendments addressed specific loopholes and flaws in the current law that allow sexual predators the freedom to walk away unpunished for crimes against minors.”

Following her valiant effort with Parliament to get the child sex abuse laws amended, June of 2022 saw the entire US Party attend a lecture by former Ombudsman Drs. Nilda Arduin regarding Sint Maarten’s Constitutional laws and its history.  This was followed by an August 2022 online presentation by Mrs. Gordon Carty pertaining to labor abuse on St. Maarten.  The aforementioned online presentation included informed panelists such as Mrs. Peggy  Ann Dros, former Prime Minister of Curacao Suzy Camelia Romer, and Mrs. Brenda Anthony of the Windward Islands Federation of Labour (WIFOL).  Lastly, in September of 2022, Drs. Raymond Jesserun discussed the implications of labor laws, as well as, constitution and human rights with the US Party via a presentation.  It should be noted that In August of 2023, the US Party will be attending yet another informative event that will deal with fundamental rights, tasks, and obligations of government.

Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty stated that the grandstanding and stagnation on the floor of parliament that has been displayed during the last four years clearly shows that parliamentarians are just putting on a facade while the Dutch State’s constant reminder of liquidity support creates a situation where parliament refuses to pass laws that will benefit the people of St. Maarten.  The US Party has presented three laws thus far and there remain a further 19 laws that will be presented to the Parliament of St. Maarten.  The intent of the aforementioned laws is to benefit and enhance the youth, elders, education sector, employment, taxation sector, and to diversify and bolster St. Maarten’s economy.  The US Party contends that their record is quite concise and consistent when it comes to the evaluation and re-education of its candidates.  USP’s objective is to ensure that the public of St. Maarten gets the reputable and sound representation that it truly deserves.

Mrs. Gordon Carty believes that if political parties had put forth an effort to educate its candidates, St. Maarten might be in a substantially better position because informative sessions highlight the fact that governing a country is a serious matter and it supersedes self interest.  The fact that other political parties are now following the path that the USP has laid down should make the people of St. Maarten question the true motives of those running for office.  Mrs. Gordon Carty stated “I sincerely hope that the people have come to realize that it is about the country getting the best possible representation consisting of knowledgeable individuals rather than inadequate representation who are not willing to stand up for what is right.”  Lastly, she kindly reminds the general public to visit the United St. Maarten Party Facebook page for further insight regarding all the information and live recordings mentioned herein.