Eduardo y Yezenia “En Su Salsa… De Barrio” 



With more than 35 years of experience in music and after more than 17 musical records that go through almost every musical genre of Latin America, Eduardo Y Yezenia come out with their new record: Eduardo y Yezenia En Su Salsa… De Barrio.

The interesting thing about this project is that it is salsa brava, a genre with decades of history since its birth, with hundreds of singers and musicians, thousands of records, and millions of followers around the  world. However, there wasn’t a salsa brava record that was written entirely “décimas  espinelas” a type of limerick with guapeo and ad-libs; with a unique sound with  refreshing arrangements and where the artists are the composers of every track and a  couple as well. Now, it’s a reality, and it’s available in all digital platforms.

Both artists wanted to make a new project that respected the roots of the syncopated  rhythms and the distinctive sound of the Puerto Rican orchestras in New York from the  70s while adding lyrics with consonant rhymes and combining the danceable cadence  with the décima.  

Eduardo y Yezenia, “En Su Salsa… De Barrio” can be found in digital format, physical,  and soon, in vinyl. In the latter two formats, the following bonus tracks are also included:  “siempre a tu lado,” recorded with the master of strings Pedro Guzmán, founder of  Jíbaro Jazz and pioneer of fusions of autochthonous Puerto Rican music with other  Caribbean and North American genres, and “Tu conmigo y yo contigo,” recorded with  Tony Nieves, renowned director of New York orchestras including Tito Puente’s HBO  special. 

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