Attorney at Law Cor Merx confirms correspondence resume between Police Union NABP and Minister of Justice



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — During the last few weeks there has been some public correspondence between the Police Union and the Minister of Justice regarding the question of the “plaatsingsbrieven” (placement letters) and the outstanding payment stemming from an agreement dated back to October 14th, 2022.

The Police Union was not “amused” by the Minister’s action of sending an e-mail to all police workers the day after the press conference, saying to forward as much information as possible to her Ministry.

This led to feelings of unease and to a highly requested meeting, held on the 6th of March.

Although the Police Union remains confident that this ongoing issue is finally coming to an end, they demand immediate action in a proper way.

The Police Union also hopes that by solving this matter it can prevent future issues, as this process of getting the “plaatsingsbrieven” in place and finalizing the payments will serve as a precedent.

In the nearly two-hour meeting of police forces – with their Unions – it was decided to keep the date of March 15, 2023, as a day of action, which has already been stipulated in the previous press conference.

It is time for the Ministry to take responsibility and stop passing the ball back.