Netball Association Represents SXM in Jamaica!


It’s Time SXM Foundation Continues Support.

The netball association and its team members, coaches and supporting family members headed off on Saturday via airline flight to games in Jamaica. The teams proudly wore polo shirts depicting the logo of It’s Time SXM Foundation – the latter being one of the Netball Association Sponsors.

Cloyd Ohndhae Marlin: “Princess Juliana International Airport departure hall was a buzz of excitement as we watched the players and their coach check-in in preparation for boarding their flight to Jamaica. As a foundation we came out to show our continued appreciation for how these players remain committed to not only playing the game but also representing St. Maarten abroad.”

It’s Time SXM Youth, Sports and Education community support and sponsorship projects continue to provide for opportunities to various sports activists and their respective organizations. Through the sponsorship programs, costs of holding sports competition or representing the country abroad are covered together with other collaborating sponsors in our community.