Saba starts free public transportation pilot

The free public transportation pilot takes place with school buses.


SABA — On Monday, September 5, the Public Entity Saba started its public transportation pilot. During this pilot, residents can make use of a free bus service in the morning and afternoon hours to get to and from work. It is a low-threshold bus service that the whole population can make use of. This is one of the measures that the government is taking to help reduce the cost of living for the people.

The bus service runs between The Bottom and the three other villages, Windward side, Zion’s Hill and St. Johns. A schedule with the times and bus stops has been published and residents are encouraged to make use of this service. The plan is for this pilot to run until the end of this year, after which the bus service will be evaluated and potentially continued in a more permanent format.

Most importantly, the bus helps in saving costs for the purchase of a car, maintenance and fuel. Even taking the bus once or twice a week, could lower people’s cost of living. Furthermore, taking the bus is an environmentally-friendly option and could alleviate parking issues in The Bottom.
A survey was carried out among government employees in May to determine the needs for a public transportation system. The results of the survey have been included in the pilot. The public transportation will be funded through the Public Entity Saba.

On weekdays, buses will run between the villages during the rush hours in the mornings and afternoons. The schedule has been published. The buses drive regularly, so there’s a lot of flexibility. The public transportation is available for all residents. As it is a pilot, the routes, schedule and fee might change over time, and will be communicated to the public. “During this pilot, you can hop on the bus for free. So come and try it out. Save money on gas, help the environment, enjoy the view and have a chat with our lovely drivers,” the Public Entity Saba stated.