NIPA successfully launches 8th academic year in August



Cay Hill – It has been one month since the National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) has successfully launched its 8th academic year with a number of students in various age groups.

The year kicked off with a week of introduction to the programs offered. The introduction week was led by the Care Team consisting of the student care coordinator, Mrs. Nakeisha Sammy-Willems and social worker, Ms. Zeynep Sabahoglu. They gave new students information about the institute’s organizational structure, programs, school-related expenses, rules and regulations, and discussed other relevant matters pertaining to the NIPA.

As the country’s only institute for technical-vocational education, the NIPA aims to continue to contribute to nation-building by providing the people of Sint Maarten with opportunities to further their education locally. NIPA offers day and evening programs ranging from General Property Maintenance to Business Administration. This year, the institute relaunched the Maritime and Licensed Practical Nurse programs and looks forward to continuing with them in subsequent academic years.

We see that now more than ever, it is important that persons develop or improve on skills that may translate into a form of income for them in the future. Investing in your education, often leads to a reward that cannot be taken away, which is knowledge. The possession of skills and application of knowledge is key when starting a career. As such, the NIPA is here to guide its students in becoming professionals in various fields and is pleased with the successful start of the academic year.

The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) is well aware that it is the key institution for creating professionals in St. Maarten. NIPA’s goal is to increase the number of local skilled professionals on the island and in the region. NIPA is confident that it has the human resources necessary to facilitate this need to increase the skilled populace.

NIPA hopes that the St. Maarten community will make use of this opportunity and in turn, use their knowledge and skills to further contribute to nation-building.

Students can signup for any of our programs on the NIPA website

On behalf of the NIPA Supervisory Board of Directors, the Managing Board, faculty, and staff, we wish our students much success this academic year.