Wilson applauds efforts of Gebe employees to fix streetlights

Jose Lake Sr street Ebenezer


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Gromyko Wilson commends the hard working field men and women in Gebe and its managmeent responsible for fixing the street lights on Sint Maarten. September 5th, 2022, will mark the 5th year since the passing of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Unfortunately for residents of many neighborhoods, a number of street lights are yet to be fixed. Not only does a lack of proper street lighting create more opportunities for crime, vandalism, etc., it also increases the chances of (traffic) accidents that otherwise could have been avoided.

Just last week a pedestrian walking through the Cole Bay Well road fell in a ditch and stustain a cut above his eyebrow. Had this light been functioning properly ,this incident could have been avoided. Just like the residence of Well road, many other residents have to walk through Sint Maarten streets at night in the dark to reach their homes. To simply name a few streets that have lights, still in need of repair: Jose Lake Sr street in Ebenezer, Fort Hill road (Fort William/ old road to the tower), the begining of Melfor Hazel road this road leads you to Dawn Beach / Red pond estate and Richardson road in Dutch Quarter.

Jose Lake Sr street Ebenezer

Wilson also questions GEBE / VROMI for the lack of assessment of the street lights/poles that were damaged after hurricane Irma nearly 5 years ago. “While some lamp posts are damaged, others are turned facing into private properties instead of lighting the streets. VROMI, including GEBE management have never really made it their priority to resolve these problems in last 4 years and 11 months.”

“This needs to become a priority considering that we are already in the hurricane season, heading into the most active weeks of this season.” Wilson suggests, an easy and fast solution: “gather the info in real time by asking the community to assist in reporting the street names where street lights and poles need repairs via E-mail or via a WhatsApp number.”

Jose Lake Sr street Ebenezer

Wilson continued: “Important is to request the name of the road together with a picture to ensure the GEBE field team can assess the incoming report properly and quickly fix the lighting issue. Some of these problems are very easy, the pole just need to be turn or the light bulb need to be replaced.”

“Once again I would like to thank the field employees of GEBE who continue to work hard, in doing so ensure that the streets lights on Sint Maarten are fixed. Many times we do not realize how important of a role you play in keeping our people safe. A simple working street light might safe a life.” Concluded Wilson.