Parliament will be awarding the 10th President of Parliament Award on September 13, 2022

Chairlady of the Justice Committee in Parliament MP, the Honourable Grisha Heyliger-Marten


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The Parliament of Sint Maarten will be awarding its 10th President of Parliament (PoP) Award during the reception ceremony at the Opening of the New Parliamentary Year 2022/2023.

Each year the President of Parliament recognizes a youth who has contributed positively to their community or country whether academically, voluntary or in sporting achievements.

Thus far the following recipients have had the honor of being awarded with the President of Parliament Award:

2013: Mr. Wendell Laurence
2014: Ms. Cherrianne Dangleben York
2015: Mr. Ralph Cantave
2016: Ms. Rochana Richardson
2017: Mr. Aisaiah Nunes
2018: Mr. Rupshen Long
2019: Ms. Mhakeda Shillingford
2020: Mr. Erwin Romney
2021: Ms. Kemilla Carty

The Parliament of Sint Maarten invites, the public to submit nominations for the Annual President of Parliament Award 2022.

Any citizen of Sint Maarten who believes that an individual meets the criteria can send the nomination to the Parliament of Sint Maarten.

The eligibility criteria are:
• The candidate must have Dutch nationality and/or have been legally residing in Sint Maarten for 10 years or more consecutively and has been registered in the Civil Registry for that period of time
• Must be between the ages of 15-24 years
• Has made a worthwhile contribution to the development of the community and the country
• These contributions/achievements must have taken place within the last three years
• Contributions/achievements must have been made while the individual was acting as a private citizen, not as an appointed or elected government official
• And must have demonstrated a capacity for leadership and the ability to motivate

The application form can be found on the Parliament’s website: under the tab public. By selecting the President of Parliament Award you will be directed to the digital application form.

A hardcopy of the application form can also be collected at the reception desk at the Parliament Building located at the Wilhelminastraart #1 Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

The deadline to submit your nomination(s) is August 15, 2022. This can be done by hard copy in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Annual President of Parliament Award Committee, Wilhelminastraart #1 Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. Or via email: