United Sint Maarten Party (USP) petitions Parliament



PHILIPBURG, Sint Maarten — The United St. Maarten Party is asking the Parliament of St. Maarten to grant Election Day a public holiday. The representative of the United St. Maarten Party Khalil Revan presented the new law to the President of Parliament Grisha Heyliger on June 23, requesting that document be placed before parliament for further discussion.

In presenting the document, Revan pointed out that it was the United St. Maarten Party’s second law to the Parliament of St. Maarten, the first being a law regarding sex with minors. This new law is to make election day a National Holiday.

He indicated in his presentation of the document that “for too long the people have been left out of the electoral process. In some cases they have been penalized and excluded from participating in the elections because of the restrictions from their employers.

Revan described the new law as “important for the democracy “and should be honored as such. The president of Parliament in her response promised to “book it in” so that there could be an internal discussion on the document before it is presented on the floor of Parliament.