Pamela Gordon-Carty congratulates all graduates of Country Sint Maarten



PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The Simply Masters Foundation sent a congratulatory message to all Sint Maarten graduates this week. The Foundation has been active since it was founded in 2013. Pamela Gordon-Carty, president of this organization, made these remarks at the Leonard Conner School graduation on June 22, where she stated, “we have been investing in the children of Sint Maarten.”

She continued, “Today is graduation day and we would like to send special congratulatory messages to all graduates of Country Sint Maarten. This should be seen as a journey towards adulthood,…the start of a new exciting phase in your life.

“To all graduates, remember today marks an important day of embracing your uniqueness while walking your life path and I will want to admonish you that in life all choices we make have consequences.”

She admonished students to, “While doing your exam you did it yourself; While walking the hallway of your graduation day you did it yourself; Use this as a reminder that the most important moments in your life will be based on what you decide to do by yourself; When choosing your career, you do it yourself; When making decisions, whether to follow friends or not, you do it yourself as the consequences you will handle them by yourself; Don’t forget you are surrounded by well wishers, but also those that are not well intended. Bear in mind you have to develop the ability to survive and differentiate right from wrong by yourself but NOT alone as you have tools at your disposal.”

She further stated, “Tools like your benevolent parents, teachers, instructors, and friends. Only follow those that have your best interest at heart and can be worthy to be considered your friend.”

“The word “friend” is defined as a person who is “trustworthy and willing to tell you the truth even when its difficult for you to hear.”

Therefore as a result the word “friends” should be used selectively. A friend is someone that will be there for you even in your lowest moments,” Gordon-Carty said.

“Someone that accepts you the way you are but will tell you what you need to improve to make a better version of you. Choose your friends wisely, you don’t have to belong to a group, you just have to be you.

Even though others might want to brand you and tell you who they think you are you have to remember that choice is yours and no one else’s.

You are unique and no human being was meant to be identical. To all future engineers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, opticians, farmers, pharmacists, labourers, plumbers, technicians, electricians, bakers, business owners, pilots, teachers, and much more that are graduating this year you have a train to catch,” She advised.

At the end of her statement, she offered the following advice to the graduates, “Remember in life, there will be times you will be by yourself standing alone facing challenges, make it worthwhile by making yourself and all of us proud. Mistakes, we all made them along the way, so be mindful that you will also make some. What is important is how you handle each one as they are meant to make you stronger. You will have to figure out whether to take the left or the right by yourself. Remember the world has many of us ready to extend a helping hand as we pave the way for you to take over the mantle.

We from Simply Masters Foundation believe that you can achieve it. I, Mrs. Pamela Gordon Carty, believe in you and I tell you go for it. Believe it! Achieve it!”