NIPA introduces several high-level programs for the academic year 2022-2023



CAYHILL – The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) has once again
made a positive stride in its effort to give back to the community of St. Maarten with
the introduction of several new high-level programs at the start of the new academic
year 2022-2023.

Besides the offering of level 1 and 2 programs, such as Cook on level 2 and ICT on
level 2, we can proudly announce that we are now also offering Culinary Arts on level
4 and ICT Networking on level 4.

With the help of the Validation Committee, which has been established by the
Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, all of the NIPA programs are
now fully recognized by the Government of Sint Maarten. Students that follow any of
our core programs will receive a diploma and will be certified in their field of

NIPA is offering courses in Automotive Technician, ICT Networking, General Property
Maintenance, Maritime, Boat Master, Electrical Engineering, Culinary Arts, Hospitality,
Associate Degree Nursing, Educational Assistant, Social Pedagogical Worker, and
Business Administration at various levels. Besides our core program courses, the NIPA
also offers a variety of Short Courses. These courses are often custom-made
depending on the need of the business community and will be offered during the day
as well as in the evening at the NIPA to accommodate the youth as well as the adult
population on St. Maarten.

The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) is well aware that it is the
key institution for creating professionals in St. Maarten. NIPA’s goal is to increase the
number of local skilled professionals on the island and in the region. NIPA is confident
that it has the human resources necessary to facilitate this need to increase the
skilled populace.

NIPA hopes that the St. Maarten community will make use of this opportunity and in
turn, use their knowledge and skills to further contribute to nation-building.
Students can signup for any of our programs on the NIPA website