URSM extends a message of Hope & Compassion 



Philipsburg —  On behalf of the board of the Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement (URSM) and its members, I would like to wish the people of Sint Maarten a Happy Easter.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter with our family and friends, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the true meaning of the season. Easter marks the beginning of Hope for all who believe, that during the season of Lent we are all reminded of the importance to have mercy.

One of the characteristics I believe a leader of a political movement should have is the ability to reflect on and analyze the current state of affairs of its organization, its members, and its nation.

We cannot move forward if we do not acknowledge our present state. A majority of our people especially the low-income earners and our seniors have been struggling to make ends meet and provide for their loved ones for decades. These struggles have become even greater since the devastation of hurricane Irma and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Adding to these challenges is the manner in which our elected officials choose to go about governing this country, in doing so weakening the very core of our democracy.

By accepting the COHO legislation in its current form, the Parliament of Sint Maarten, by extension its voters, will play a smaller, less important role in deciding the future of this great country.

The Press, another key pillar of our democracy is also currently under threat by those in power. Whistleblowers are considered an enemy of the establishment, while in any democracy they play a fundamental role in bringing light to matters that are in darkness. Instead of focusing on the message that is presented, our Government makes it a point to focus on the messengers, not realizing the opportunities presented to create the necessary changes to ensure a better future for our people.

As the leader of the URSM, I would like to leave you with this message: do not lose faith, do not lose hope. Better days are ahead. Our country will once again be governed by those with a moral compass, compassion, wisdom, and experience. The time will come when our people will be led by leaders who understand the suffering of their people and have the vision to put legislation, policies, and procedures in place and create sustainable projects that will ensure a better future for this great nation. I remind you that Easter was the beginning of hope for all. I urge you to keep that hope and share it with others throughout this Holy week.