PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten–  As the time narrows for a verdict to be given in the cases of the two police officers that were accused with fraudulent acts, we see that the Public Prosecutor Office took their statement given in court very serious.

721newsroom understood that the morning after the session, Madame Chief Prosecutor was in a meeting with the Chief of Police and his management team pertaining to the serious accusations made by the female officer in court who stated how she was sexually harassed by a senior police officer. The lawyer of the female defendant in her pleadings to the court outlined that senior officer Inspector Rombley sexually harassed her client.

According to the defendant, Inspector Rombley invited her to his office where he offered her big money in order to have sex with her. He showed her a sex video. She also stated that this is the culture within the police corps. Many officers present during the public hearing echoed her statement and a courtroom filled to capacity.

The male defendant declared to the investigators that Inspector Rombley also approached his commom law girlfriend, who is a costums officer, with same modus operandi.

According to reliable sources, there are many (4) complaints done against senior officer Rombley but nor the Chief of Police nor The Minister of Justice did anything with the many complaints. It took these statements made in a public court session to expose this degrading acts against women, who for the need of their income to support their family had to swallow their pride. But thanks to the female Chief Prosecutor who is not leaving this slide.

In the meantime, the perpetrator is still working and have full access to prey after the rest female officers and staff.

In the recent past there was the issue of a Senior Policy collaborator working with The Minister of Justice, who was accused of sexual abuse and impregnating Immigration officer in return for promotion and was never suspended or fired.
He was later fired for an administrative fault and not for the sexual abuse.

The Minister of Justice never instructed these Immigration officers to file a complaint at the Procureur General office or via the National Detective. Neither did The Minister of Justice request the Procureur General to conduct an investigation against the Senior Policy collaborator.

These acts should not be considered a private matters as what was promised to them incriminates government. The victimized Immigration officers can still press charges by the National Detective against the Senior Policy collaborator.

Then we have another situation of a high-ranking police officer and instructor that makes sexual advances to the female immigration and police cadets. These cadets are scared to make any complaint as not to jeopardize their position.

What is our Minister of Justice doing?
What is our Prime Minister in charge of Personnel doing? Nothing/Nada!

If these are not reasons enough for The Minister of Justice to resign, then what more will it take for such move. What a shame!!!!. All in the name of position above morals.

The hope of all victimized is in the hands of Chief Public Prosecutor, Hieke Buist, who yes showed herself prepared to take the Bull by the Horn.

EDITOR NOTE: Reason why our newsroom do not have a official statement from The Minister of Justice Ana Richardson is simply because the Prime Minister kick out 721news representative from the press briefing Wednesday gone.