President of Parliament, Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten finalizes courtesy visits

Chairlady of the Justice Committee in Parliament MP, the Honourable Grisha Heyliger-Marten


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – In her capacity as President of the Parliament of Sint Maarten, Member of Parliament Mrs. Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten scheduled several courtesy visits to various entities on Sint Maarten.
The courtesy visits which commenced during the week of March 7-11, 2022, continued throughout the weeks of March 21-25, 2022, and March 28- April 1, 2022.

Upon her election as President of Parliament on November 26, 2021, the Hon. Mrs. Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten deemed it necessary to meet with various entities in the island for an introductory visit.

On Monday, March 28, 2022, the Chairlady of Parliament met with Public Prosecutor, Ms. Hieke Buist. Thereafter the Chairlady met with the Director of the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB), Mr. Claret Connor.

The President of Parliament was accompanied by the 2nd Acting Secretary General of Parliament Ms. C. Gibbes, LL.M. and Public Relations Officer of Parliament, Ms. J.K. Peterson.

On Thursday, March 31, the Chairlady met with the Vice-Chairperson of the Sint Maarten Central Voting Bureau, Ms. Natalie Tackling. The President was accompanied by the Secretary General of Parliament Mr. G.J. Richardson, LL.M, ML.

The meeting with the Vice-Chair of the Sint Maarten Central Voting Bureau concluded the introductory visits of the President of Parliament, Mrs. Grisha S. Heyliger-Marten in which she met with the Council of Advice, General Audit Chamber, Ombudsman, Electoral Council, the Dutch Representation in Philipsburg, the Joint Court of Justice, the Public Prosecutor, the NRPB and the Central Voting Bureau.