Gordon-Carty: Governing should reflect the Constitutional Rights of the People.

Leader of the US party Mrs. Pamela Gordon


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Leader of the United St. Maarten Party Mrs. Pamela Gordon Carty reiterated her position that the rights of the people of country St. Maarten are not being upheld, promoted, nor defended by the current NA/UP coalition.

“Good corporate governance practices are conveniently ignored depending on who is involved, while the fundamental rights of the people rooted in the constitution of country St. Maarten is placed on the back burner in place of frivolous ideas that do not address the realistic challenges our people are facing,” said Gordon Carry.

The recent turn of events at PJIA is a prime example of selective enforcement of good cooperate governance practices and selective enforcement of rules and regulations. “The 500 page dossier submitted by the COO has yet to be addressed by either Government or Parliament. The law and rules of engagement should never be subjective, it is of the utmost importance for the sake of transparency that there implementation remain objective.”

“According to Article 44 of the Sint Maarten Constitution, Parliament represents the entire population of country Sint Maarten which means they have a legal and moral obligation to seek the wellbeing of the country as much as possible not on a temporary basis but long term,” continued Gordon Carty.

The 12.5% cut in so called benefit is causing more harm than good and it has not been proven to have any other effect on the people of country St. Maarten other than increased hardship. This is contrary to Article 44 of our constitution and needs to be reversed on that basis. The promotion of Bitcoin without any legislation being put in place is counter-productive and in direct opposition to Article 44 of the constitution because without legislation government’s coffers are bypassed and by extension Articles 18 and 19 of the constitution of country St. Maarten.

Article 18 – 1. The government’s constant concern is directed at the protection of children and young people and the promotion of their right to education, welfare, cultural development and leisure activities. 2. The government’s constant concern is directed at the protection of elderly and persons with a disability and at the promotion of their health and welfare. “How is this to be achieved without the collection of taxes?”

Article 19 – 1. It shall be the government’s constant concern to secure the means of subsistence of the population and to achieve the distribution of wealth. 2. Rules concerning entitlements to social security benefits shall be laid down by or pursuant to national ordinance. 3. Dutch nationals residing in Sint Maarten who are unable to provide for themselves shall have a right, to be laid down by national ordinance, to aid from the government. “How can this be achieved if selected groups are encouraged by parliament to participate in unregulated monetary activities?”

“Responsible governing should entail that decisions taken contribute positively to government ability to promote the fundamental rights of the people based on the constitution. Decisions made contrary to these principles will stifle our growth potential today and for generations to come,” stated Gordon Carty.