UP Party ‘goes digital’ to get community feedback



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The United People’s UP Party has launched three online polls to gauge the pulse of the public. UP is building various digital platforms and stepping up its use of technology to aid in its promise to deliver a new, cleaner, “more transparent” politics that engages all citizens and gets them involved in St. Maarten’s redevelopment.

When it comes to innovation and creativity, the UP Party continues to lead the way.

The first three polls launched are SXM Business Owners Survey: HTTPS: www.bit.ly/UPP2022BusinessSurvey, UPP Anonymous National Anthem Poll: www.bit.ly/UPP2022-NationalAnthem and UPP Feedback form: www.bit.ly/uppfeedback.

Each poll provides citizens with a unique opportunity to speak directly to the elected officials in both Government and Parliament on a wide range of subjects. Residents and visitors are encouraged to make use of the opportunity to visit the various polls and let their voices be heard.

The UP Party is also in the final stages of building its new Party Website, which it will launch shortly. Technology such as social media platforms have become more commonplace and allow people to interact freely in large group settings without leaving the safety of their homes. Polls provide a platform for people to voice their opinions on various subjects without worrying about retribution.

UP has also learned from the Global Pandemic COVID-19 that this technology is critical during national and global emergencies. With polls regularly published and data adequately gathered, the public can add to the discussion on any topic from the comfort of their homes with assurances that the information goes to the right people.

“Our goal is to master the innovative outreach by utilizing new technology that works well with the people of St. Maarten in their everyday life. We want to be able to reach our citizens and supporters while they are on the go to ensure that we get their viewpoint on any subject from anywhere without them having to wait for a town hall meeting to express themselves.”
The Party’s goal is to use information gathered through various polls to help with policymaking and with the general direction of the Party. “We must always be in tuned with what the people desire to drive change that benefits them effectively, or we may end up making decisions that do more harm than good,” the release stated.