Enhancing the services provided to the community in the police force

Inspector E.S Josepha Acting head of communication Department


PHILIPSBURG, St Maarten — As part of the effort to improve the service provided to the public, the police are working to inform the general public regarding their work procedures. The St. Maarten Police Force is hereby informing the public about the best possible ways to be served with regard to their submitted requests. Police Force is rendering various types of services to the community of St. Maarten.

Over the next few days and weeks the Sint Maarten police department will provide an overview of what type of services is offered and how the procedures are structured to provide these services.

Here are some of the most requested services that the police handle:
⦁ How to report a Crime
⦁ Export vehicles
⦁ Making a missing person report
⦁ Lost or stolen documents
⦁ Request information concerning an accident or a police report
⦁ Complaints procedure

How to report a crime (How to make an official complaint) How can reports be filed?

Persons wishing to file an official complaint need to take the following into account:
• The general public is requested to contact us ( Police of Sint Maarten) by sending an email to AR@policesxm.sx or calling +1 (721) 54-22222 to make an appointment. In non-emergency cases, persons will not be permitted to enter the station without a scheduled appointment.
• In the case of more complex complaints, persons will be referred to the detective department to make an appointment for assistance.
• Please have the following details at hand before calling the station, in order for us to provide efficient and speedy service. (Name, date of birth, place of birth, address, phone number, and a short summary of what took place) or send by email to the police.
• A maximum of four (4) persons at a time are allowed in the waiting area. The social distancing rules should be adhered to while waiting for assistance.
• The 911 emergency line should only be called in case of emergencies.

The Sint Maarten Police Force will continue to be vigilant throughout this pandemic and we ask the community to continue to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and the persons around them.

For further information, the public can call the police station on +1 721- 542 22 22.
Please note when coming to your scheduled appointment it is mandatory to have on a mask.

Some of these services/ requests are available on the police website include: