Ransomware attack at Simpson Bay Resort



PELICAN – Simpson Bay Resort has been a victim of a ransomware attack that has resulted in computer systems failure. The timeshare resort’s members were informed of this via an email from the resort explaining the situation.

The current situation prevents Royal Resorts Caribbean staff from accessing email and also prevents members from logging in to the password-protected sections of the website. Emails to staff from members cannot be received or opened. “However, we do not believe that any confidential member information has been compromised,” the resort stated in the email.

Reservations Center telephones and online reservations are currently unavailable as well.

“We also are taking all the necessary steps to minimize the impact of this situation and to bring our systems back online. We have a robust back-up system; however, we must first take steps to secure our systems against further attack before we can begin the restoration process. This unfortunately is not an instantaneous process, and we appreciate your patience and understanding while we are working on the solution,” said the resort.

This sort of attack occurs when an outside party encrypts the information held on the victim’s servers and then demands a ransom to un-encrypt the same systems. “It does not involve a data breach where internal information is stolen,” the resort said.

The resort can be contacted via its temporary alternate email at simpsonbayresort2021@gmail.com. If people who need to reach the resort urgently about an upcoming visit or other time-sensitive matter, may also call the resort at +1 721 544 2503 (be advised this is an international call).

“Please be aware that, given the situation, it may take us some time to respond; however, we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible,” the resort said.