SSRP Payroll Recipient List



From the cabinet of the Minister of Finance here is the SSRP Payroll Recipient List

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The Government of Sint Maarten launched the Sint Maarten Stimulus & Relief Plan (SSRP) in April 2020 to minimize the negative economic effects of the pandemic.

The plan consisted of three components namely payroll support for businesses, in come support and unemployment support.

This report presents the detail soft he payroll support component from April to December 2020.

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The list encompasses the total employers that have received Business Payroll Support via the St. Maarten Stimulus and Relief Plan (Article 22 of the Tijdelijk Regeling Payroll Ondersteuning as Amended).

Approximately NAf 72,000,000 in payroll support was subsidize by the Government of St. Maarten which assisted in paying an average of 4,894 employees per month from 825 businesses.

Once again the Minister of Finance would like to thank our executing partners SZV for their continued support through this process.