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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Immigration and Border Protection Services is hereby informing the public that we are working closely with the Prosecutors office to curb the act of submitting fraudulent documents with the intent to obtain residency permits.

Recently, an incident occurred whereby the spouse of an applicant requesting a residence permit submitted forged documents on behalf of her employer.

Article 24 of the National Ordinance of Admittance and Expulsions (LTU) states that, anyone who deliberately provides incorrect (false/falsified) information for himself or for another person to obtain certain conditions attached thereto or to prevent the withdrawal of the authorization for admission will be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine of no more than one thousand guilders.

Based on this act the residence permit request was denied, as the applicant did not meet the legal requirements for him to obtain his residence permit. Consequently, the residence permit of the applicant’s spouse was revoked.

Article 14 sub f of the LTU states that the permit for a residence (temporary) permit can be withdrawn by or on behalf of the Minister by reasonable decision if the person concerned does not meet one of more of the conditions attached to his/her residence permit.
IBP wishes to inform the public of their zero tolerance for the submission of fraudulent documents, which is a violation and a criminal act based on Article 2: 184 of Criminal Law.

Anyone who falsely prepares or falsifies a document intended to be evidenced of any fact, with a view to using it as genuine and unadulterated or for having it used by others, is guilty of forgery, punishable by imprisonment not exceeding six years or a fine of the fifth category.

It is with this notice that all applicants are hereby forewarned and should ensure that all documents are genuine, valid and in accordance with the legal requirements.
Pursuant to Article 9 section 1 sub (a) of the LTU, the Immigration Department has to maintain public order and ensure that the safety and security of all residents is legally maintained.

The IBP Department would also like to inform the public that all migration regulations are being strictly enforced according to the law.