Voluntary early retirement covenant (VVU) is a fact.

Signing of the covenant


WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — On November 17, 2020 parties in the CGOA, namely the Minister of Administration, Planning and Services (BPD) and the Central Commission of Trade Unions (CCvV) together with the president of the CGOA, Prof. Dr. ing. Valdemar Marcha, signed the covenant on the VVU, amendment of the Pension Ordinance and the phasing-out scheme in time.

The VVU is intended for civil servants born between 1957 and 1960 or civil servants with more than 30 years of government service. Among the civil servants who also want to leave the public sector voluntarily using the VVU are about 80 teachers, because the scheme also applies to them.

With the signing of this covenant, the procedure to formalize the draft legislations can begin.