Road work on Front Street



PHILIPSBURG – The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI), hereby informs residents and businesses on Front Street that infrastructural works will carried out starting the week of Monday, April 8th for 10 days during the evening and overnight hours.  Works are being carried out in the evening hours to avoid interruptions to visitors, residents and businesses during the busy daylight hours as there are several scheduled ships in port during the week.

Each evening a section of the road will be blocked off, worked on and completed.  The Ministry’s aim is to seamlessly carry out the necessary repairs and have everything back in place by the next morning and open to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The road works will be carried out by Windward Roads under the coordination of Ministry VROMI.

Ministry VROMI seeks the cooperation of all residents and businesses and apologizes for any inconvenience that the aforementioned works may cause.