SZV Director Glen A. Carty shares enthusiasm for SZV’s new radio campaign

Left – Right: Morenika Arrindell – Customer Care representative, Parveen Boertje – Unit Manager Customer Care & Communications, Charonne Holder – Senior Communications Advisor


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten  — The director of Social & Health Insurances SZV, Glen A. Carty has expressed enthusiasm about the new radio campaign of SZV. The campaign will expand the organization’s engagement efforts with its customers and is part of the objectives identified in the 2019 Director Performance Agreement of Carty. External communication campaigns of SZV have been growing; a majority of the past campaigns has used face-to-face contact, print and online media, radio is the latest media to be included to the roster of methods.

Glen A. Carty: “I am very pleased with the flexibility of the stations and hosts so far. However, more importantly, I think the fact that we have a consensus and genuine interest to serve together in informing the community – this is great. Everyone wants more information about SZV but not everyone will go to our website, which by the way is our online customer guide, we know this and we are making sure we continue to do our best to reach all our customers. Members of Parliament have also specifically requested that we do more information sharing, and I believe this radio campaign will bridge the gap for all. I’d like to thank my team at SZV for working so hard on this.”

The radio campaign was launched in January with a large group of local radio stations who have committed to offer SZV flexibility and customized packages based on their distinctive target groups. Each station has expressed commitment to work with SZV in informing the community of their rights & duties, in their own ‘flavor’. SZV representatives will frequent the stations on a regular basis for interviews but there will also be fun features in the radio campaign such as quizzes for listeners and on-location broadcasts at SZV hosted events.

Since 2016, each year SZV adds more communication outlets to its annual public information campaign. The public information campaign features a wide range of themes, key messages and multiple communication outlets. The central themes for 2019 will be the online appointment request option, employer compliance, and the launch of new online services for employers and insured. Customer feedback and interaction play a leading role in the improvement of the services of SZV but also how SZV communicates with its customers. The continued development of the website is a good example of this. The integration of the radio campaign offers SZV more variety and a wider reach for its messages.