GEBE electricity production plant experienced a total blackout

NV GEBE Power plant / File Photo


CAY BAY, Sint Maarten — Today, at 10:33 am, the NV GEBE electricity production plant experienced a total blackout. Personnel on duty immediately started to assess the situation and prepare for the restart of the engines according the set procedures, while other specific key field personnel reported for duty in preparation for the switching in of the cables to the different areas.

At approximately 12:24 pm, the cable feeding the St. Maarten Medical Center and surrounding areas was switched in and other cables were being switched based on the load the production plant was systematically increasing to ensure the capacity for a complete reenergizing.

Mr. Kenrick Chittick, CEO NV GEBE stated that an initial investigation has shown that the fuel feeder unit tripped causing a domino effect for the shutdown of all engines. He added that further investigation will be carried out to ensure that this matter does not reoccur. Mr. Chittick apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused to the general public and thanks the personnel on duty and those who came out to assist their colleagues to ensure the restoration of the electricity to the community of St. Maarten in the shortest possible time.