FACEBOOK NEWS: 73 year old man living like a animal

Travis Phillips is with Llessah Eiram Aicilef.

December 30, 2018 at 8:06 PM

There is one small room of his house that is left, but only has 3 walls. He boarded up the other wall, and has a tarp for a roof where he has his bed (and currently lives). No electricity, no water, no bathroom.

In front of his house he has planted a garden with bananas, papaya, squash, and other veggies to provide a source of food for himself. The plants are looking good, but it will be a while before they produce.

He agreed to have his picture taken, but I don’t believe he understood the question about “posting his picture online”. Since I don’t feel I have his full consent, I have blurred the picture and am withholding his name.

***LOCALS – – – Let’s find some lumber, metal roof, screws and bolts and cement!! He has friends who will help get the roof built, but he lacks the supplies and money to even get started. Please PM us if you have remaining lumber, roof metal, and materials that can be donated!!!

I will be back there on Tuesday to bring him some food and water.

Thanks so much for your help!