Remarks of Minister of Justice Cornelius De Weever on Korps Day October 10, 2018



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — 10-10-10 Marks St. Maarten’s Constitutional Day which is also twinned with Korps Day. To the entire Korps Politie St. Maarten (KPSM) I wish you a happy 8th anniversary and thank you very much for your dedicated service to the people of St. Maarten.

It is also serendipitous that on 10-10 we are unveiling the 10 cars that were obtained through direct financing from the Netherlands. As we move forward with patience, compassion understanding and a clear vision of where KPSM is heading, let us remember to ignore the negative voices, articles and stay focused.

Without safety and security St. Maarten cannot progress, in other words without KPSM, without you, St. Maarten cannot prosper. Some projects were labelled as quick wins but know that even these take time because we want to do it right. Let us continue to do it right.

Thank you all for being here. Happy Korps Day 2018.