Police Department/ Special Unit Robbery investigates robberies



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Special Unit robbery of the Police Department is presently investigating an armed robbery and an attempted armed robbery which took which place on Saturday October 6th. The first armed robbery took place at approximately 06.00 p.m. on Amaranthus road in Saunders area involving a small group of persons and according to reports who were all dressed the same with their faces covered and at least one of them armed with a gun.

The victim in this case was robbed of his personal belongings. The second incident took place later in the evening at around 08.00 p.m. in the vicinity of Manchung Supermarket, formerly Sheik Supermarket, where according to the report a small group of men attempted to rob a second victim.

This person was however very vigilant and noticed that something suspicious was going on and drove away before becoming victim. It is still early in the investigation to determine if the suspects in both cases are the same.

Information regarding these two separate incidents was quickly spread via a Whatsapp voice message raising quite some concern on Social Media. This voice message was not an official release from the Police Department and should be disregarded as such. These two incidents are separate and both are under investigation by the Special Unit Robbery.

The community has no need to panic, however everyone should be vigilant and be aware of what is going on in their surroundings at all time. They should also take all necessary measures to protect themselves from becoming a victim of crime.