Leader of NA MP Jacobs calls on MinTeatt and Coalition of 8 to do the honorable thing

Silveria Jacobs


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Leader of the NA MP Jacobs has been closely following the case of the MinTeatt and his former cabinet worker which has escalated in an ugly manner in the press, on radio talk shows, on social media and rampantly throughout the community with growing dismay.

Whilst other legal troubles plaguing the Minister of VROMI and the highest ranking office of the Prime Minister also has the attention of the MP and the community. These two cases are being handled by the justice system, and whilst we expect them to take their course, the inevitable fall-out for the sitting government and by extension the people of St. Maarten cannot be ignored either.

As such, the coalition of 8 should take matters into their own hands and swiftly, as MP Jacobs believes their lack of action in this regard will only hurt St. Maarten in its quest to prove to “Kingdom Partners” that we can handle the messes in our own back yard. The ministers in question should be called to order and asked to resign in the best interest of St. Maarten.

The recent allegations of sexual harassment of an employee by a Minister cannot be tossed aside and flippantly discounted, as it was in the last press briefing by the Minister TEATT who stated that it “is under investigation” and therefore could not be clarified.

This has only created more questions:
What or whom is being investigated and by whom? 
Who pressed charges on whom? 
What are the charges?

If the Minister is indeed being investigated it will require the involvement of a judge granting the prosecutor permission to do so. Has a request been submitted by the prosecutor to the judge? If indeed, there is an official investigation with sufficient evidence then it is in the Minister’s best interest to honorably step down before it goes any further in defiling the function he now holds.

This type of investigation will put the Minister and by extension the country through a spectacle of international proportions which diverts way too much attention of the government and the country from the very important tasks of assisting the vulnerable in our society who are still reeling from the after effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, rebuilding and diversifying our economy, and our very important tourism sector.

The case must go through its process, and justice must be served. No employee, regardless of sexual orientation, should be coerced or bribed into partaking in any sexual acts against their will, or risk losing their jobs. This is a phenomenon that is rife around the world and St. Maarten is no exception. Usually it is a female worker being harassed by a male superior and has no proof which can be used in court.

If the alleged victim or victims in this case, as the “me too” cry has already started, has not pressed charges and this is a campaign smear, then they should be exposed as such and justice can follow its course.

But if the victim has pressed charges and the Minister (or the matter) is being/will be investigated, it would behoove the Minister to do the Honorable thing and resign before it comes to that and handle the case as a citizen and not as an appointed member of the Council of Ministers. Has St. Maarten not endured enough?