Frustrated Parent



On Thursday, July 5th, 2018 at the graduation ceremony of the graduating students of the St. Maarten Academy PSVE, (about 65% after the second sitting) the principal without principles, Mrs. Nelson chose to take away the spotlight from the graduates and spoke about her recent battles with the teachers of the school and the CCSLC program that is coming for future classes.

My grandmother always told me that there is a time and a place for everything and that was not the time nor the place to tell the graduates, guests, parents and teachers that ‘luckily, teachers do not hire or fire principals.’ The children were shocked and so were we the parents, who were expecting some motivating words from this self-proclaimed famous principal. She chose to hold us at ransom while she went on about future changes at PSVE that would have zero impact on the graduates and us the parents who helped pay for this graduation.

It was sad to watch on as she illustrated how selfish and narcissistic she is in dealing with the children who are entrusted to her. Shame on Mrs. Nelson for stealing the shine from our children who worked so hard, but was forced to listen to her as she selfishly took the spotlight away from them and made their graduation about her.

The program was boring and we only stayed because of our commitment to our children. Never before have I seen special awards given out before the graduating students walk across the stage. I sat near to a parent/ guardian who said that her child didn’t even know that she had passed and was graduating until the day before, so they had to rush to get prepared since they were of the opinion that the child had failed. I’m really glad that I don’t have to deal with all the confusion that is Mrs. Nelson. Our children deserve better.

I wish the teachers well who have to deal with her. I hope the school board open their eyes and find a principal with principles who truly cares about our children and understands how to be a team player. She is a selfish narcissist who is using the fact that the school board is uninvolved in the day to day operations of the school to carry out her own selfish plots; harassing and denying the students their basic human rights as well as targeting specific staff members and competing with Mrs. Duncan’s ghost. During Mrs. Duncan’s time, a lot more children to passed their exams and there were a lot of positive activities that stimulated our children. I remember them having have career days, where they learnt a lot about the job market and there was an activity that allowed the kids to create their own small business. I remember because my child was looking forward to being a part of these events.

How can the management team support her when she excludes them from most decision making process? She has her favorites, those who kiss up to her for position and laugh at her behind her back. She is a joke, the board is joking around with our children’s future. How can you not consider the complaints of the teachers as valid, I understand that if a teacher calls in a case of an emergency they are still given a warning. Wasting of time and resources.

If the board continues to treat the teachers as the enemy while they, the board members are busy carrying on their own jobs completely unrelated to education then I for sure would not recommend that other parents leave their kids go there.

This board is more interested in a power struggle with the teachers rather than our children’s best interest. They are not saying that she is best for the job but rather, how would it look if they removed her. Maybe you guys need to give up the job as board members to people who have a background in education and stop this mindless power play at the expense of this nation’s children.

Wasn’t the initial 49% passing rate a wake up call? She is not managing the school well. She is harassing the teachers and the students and she needs to go.

Signed disappointed parent.
Michael Williams-Richardson